01 A burrying site for obsolete blades of wind turbines

02 The lake of Baoutou, in China became radioactive due to chemical products invovled in neodymium extraction

03 Recycling centers: an available stock of mini generators

04 Urban Mining Co. A company specialized in the crafting of recycled magnets. 

Chapter 2_ Wind Studies ~ Objects between the wind and us

As Ecology is becoming a political argument, brands and companies try to follow the movement. But some bad habits are remaining. When we analyse the all life cycle of an industial wind turbine, we discover some dark and obscure aspects. 
As an example, we stopped to extract neodymium in France because of its toxicity. Instead, we gave to interior Mongolia in China the task to provide us. 
In the same way, we don’t extract coper in france since 2000’s. However, neodymium (magnets) and cooper are the two necessary materials to generate an electromagnetic current in a turbine system.
Wind, despite of its intermittence, is a source of power that will always be available. Contrary to conventional fuels and uranium. 
This part of the project offers some axis of research on objects to convert the wind into a usabel form of energy. 
To do so, I try to insert the materials we need to craft this “converters” in the same continuum as the wind itself.