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01 A Zinc Water Tank

02 Water detail of the structure

03 Standard output

04 The funnel bottom

05 Some water tank mounted on a roof

06 A model 

07 A model (detail)

Zinc Water Tank
~ From a roof to a pressured water

Gravity is available any where on Earth. In order to take benefits of it and using the “water tower” effet, this simple zinc structure allows to maintain water on the roof. To be safe and to not damage the carpentry, it has to be positioned upon the wall of the house. It shapes allows to symetrically balance on each side of the roof. 
One module represents about 120 litres of water that can be used for different purposes. Modules can be combined to increase the capacity. 
On the bottom of every tank is positioned a standard output allowing to connect any kind of pipe according the use of water that user chooses. 
It is made by a zinc worker.