01 Please, take a heat

02 Detail of the milling of Travertin

03 Detail

04 A connected heated seat

05   Laser-cuted aluminium connection piece.

06 Visit at the rock workshop

From a caloric pipe to one or several bodies
~ Please take a heat

As Chris DeDecker noticed in a great article, the finality of our heating devices is to heat bodies, not spaces. This axis of research has been developped by french designer Guillaume Jandin (see ways to blog) and more recently Sacha Hourcade & Natacha Poutoux
This object poursuies this research with a simple intervention: fixing a rock disc on a pre-existing radiator. To connect to a centralized heating system, flexible pipes are necessary. The radiator is on small wheels, allowing it to evolve in the space. 
Between a radiator and a seat, this object allows to heat the entire space when several people are in the room and becomes a personnal heating device when a person is alone. 
The rock used is Travertin, a material chosen for its physical caracteristics allowing to slowly restitute the heat in the time. This way it can be connected to a solar heating system to redistribute in the night the heat generated in the day.