01 Ready Made Wind Turbine

02 To adapt imperfections in the smoke extractor rotation, a system with a spring was necessary

03 Detail

04 Instaled ready made wind turbine

05 Wind test to count the maximum RPM of a smoke extractor

06 An ambitious use of the wind extractor (before I felt its lack of strenght)

Ready Made Wind Turbine
~ From a smoke extractor to a tiny fridge

A smoke extractor is a pre-existing aerodynamic shape. It is designed to turn with a realy few wind. To do so, it is a realy light device, made of inox thin sheets. 
Despite of this lightness, it is possible to use this rotation to harvest a small amount of energy and to convert it into electicity. 
As a generator, I used a mini motor from an old remote car for childrens (thank you Simon). In this way, we obtain a really cheap wind turbine providing an unpowerfull current, but which is almost constant.
This constant current can be used for low appliances devices in the house that need a constant input of energy, such as small fridges. The electricity can also be mutualised in an energy stocking.