01 The trolley lamp

02 Rail system of the trolley lamp

03 Fixation

04 Cegociating a curve in the rail path. 
05 Another shape of trolley lamp

06 The trolley lamp in action

n°8 The Trolley Lamp ~ from a 220V current to nine square meters of light

We estimate that a room needs 300 lumen per square meters to be enlighted. More often of the time, we only need to light the area we are in. This lamp proposes to light only the space where people are.
It is inspired by trolley bus and is able to slide allong conductive rails. It is perfectly secure and offers a completely open use at the same time. 
By reducing the area to light and the power involved, this lamp proposes to reconsider the way we light.
It is made of bent wood and its connectors can be made with any kind of conductive materials. 
The fixation system is made of recycled aluminium.